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Call Recording. PCI DSS Compliance. De-Scoping.

Powerful, effective call recording software by Veritape

CallGuard makes any call recorder PCI DSS compliant OneProx de-scopes you from PCI DSS, with no changes

Use Veritape call recording software to improve your sales, customer service, staff training and data security.

Veritape call recording is rented on a per-desk basis. Avoid capital expenditure, improve your cash flow.

CallGuard takes call recordings out of scope for PCI DSS.

CallGuard eliminates the potential for card data theft.

No integration necessary

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OneProx fully de-scopes contact centres and e-commerce businesses.

OneProx removes cardholder data from mail order, mobile device and cardholder-present environments.

OneProx can help you reduce PCI DSS compliance costs substantially.

Veritape call recording

CallGuard removes cardholder data from any call recorder

OneProx de-scopes IT environments from PCI DSS with no changes

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